Money can’t buy everything … 

Jarred Radford grew up the golden boy of Bear Creek, Texas. An all-star football player and only son of the town’s founding family, all through high school he thought he had it all, including the perfect girl. With one misunderstanding, it all vanished, and he was suddenly alone for the first time in his life. Wealth would never make up for having important people in his life, and it didn’t take long for him to figure it out. Years later, he’s rebuilt his life minus one piece, and he’s determined to have that too.

Natalie Panella has a secret and a broken heart. After the loss of her husband she returns home, wanting stability for her young son but being back in Bear Creek, Texas, she is forced to face a past she thought she’d buried a long time ago. When she reconnects with Jarred Radford, her high school sweetheart, she isn’t sure what to do. Will they be able to reconcile and make things work, as they should have all those years ago? Or will her secrets keep them apart?

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