Brittany Kelly is on the fast-track to Nashville and beyond. Partnering with her identical sisters, the three of them are the opening act for the Bear Creek Rodeo, and they are starting to get bookings at the more popular places in town. Everything seems to be going just right for her, and she has no intention of letting some man come along and change her life’s course. But then she meets Matt and his beautiful little niece, Olivia.

Matt Sullivan is more than a little overwhelmed, inheriting the sprawling ranch where he grew up and taking custody of his five-year-old niece all at the same time. He takes one look at Brittany, and he knows she has to be his. The fact that she and Olivia bond immediately is just icing on the cake as far as he is concerned.

Will he be able to convince her that he cares about her for all the right reasons? Or will she spend her whole life wondering what could have been?

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