They couldn’t be more different…

Adele Mellon spends a lot of time in worlds of her own making. She helped her friend Lorraine escape a horrible marriage match, only to later find herself in a similar situation. Turning to Lorraine for help, Adele arrives at Clover Lake, a debutante with a secret and little hope for the future … until she meets a local lawman.

Caleb Tillman lives his life with his feet firmly planted on the ground. Not wanting to become a farmer, he yearned instead for a life of travel and adventure. After becoming a detective at a young age and spending years away from the family farm, Caleb’s back, and hunting for the men that kidnapped his sister Libby … only home doesn’t quite feel like home anymore.

Will secrets and wanderlust triumph? Or can Caleb and Adele find a way to merge their worlds?

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