Growing up with little family and zero consistency, Adeline Gray joined book club looking for a place to belong. Often finding herself lost in the pages of her favorite romance novels, it only makes sense for her to join a group with other women who enjoy romance as much as she does. When she meets the eclectic, Dr. Lachele Simpson with her purple hair, her passion for her work becomes the basis of their friendship. Little does Adeline know that Dr. Lachele’s hair isn’t the most special thing about her and how drastically a single appointment will change her life. 

Fresh out of medical school, Samuel Meyers is anxious to get out of the city and spend his summer at Clover Lake Resort. Sam has plans to do little else other than relax and reconnect with childhood friends by the water, but his mother has another plan. Finding himself stuck between friendship and something more, a chance meeting changes his vision for the future. 

Will he be able to break free of his mother’s machinations to choose the woman he wants for his future? Or will he be forever under her thumb?

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