Aileen McRae took one look at the handsome man at her brother’s wedding and knows he is the man for her. Only one problem: her brother forbids the man from even talking to her. What’s a woman supposed to do to get courted by the man of her dreams? Break the rules, of course.

Sterling McCormick is the most unlucky man in the game of love in all of Creede. Every woman he tries to court falls in love and marries- someone else. So when he sees the most lovely red-haired grey-eyed woman at Edwin McRae and Millie’s wedding, he knows she is meant for him. If only Edwin would stop acting like an ogre and allow them to court.

Can love overcome an over protective brother? Can Sterling make it through one picnic without losing the woman’s affections? How about Aileen? Will she finally become the bride after all these years of watching over her family? In Creede, anything is possible with a little angelic help. After all, someone has to be Adoring the Architect, don’t they?

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