Elizabeth (Beth) Barkley fled from New York and an arranged marriage. If she couldn’t marry for love she’d rather not marry at all. Now one year after arriving in Creede and ten months after escaping capture with the other women kidnapped by Dougal, Beth is ready for love but there seems to be no eligible men that attract her attention. That is until an Englishman races to her rescue when someone tries to snatch her again. The only problem is when he introduces himself Beth realizes he’s the man her father had chosen for her. Has she been found? Can she find love with the man she ran to keep from marrying?

Lord Bryon Cromwell came to Creede to open a Bank. He had no desire to find a wife the woman he fell in love with at first sight ran from their union and for him its her or no-one. Imagine his surprise when he finds her hiding in plain sight in Creede Colorado. Can he convince Beth that he is her one true love? Will they marry and live Happily Ever after or will evil men once again snatch his bride away? And what of the little girl that keeps telling him to marry Beth? All Byron knows is he’s Banking on Beth.

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