A baker with her sights on San Francisco.

A man scarred by his past.

An angel determined to bake up a marriage between two stubborn souls.

After her beloved aunt has been injured, Georgina Jacobs heads to Creede, Colorado to keep her aunt’s bakery open for business. What she didn’t count on was a woman claiming to be an angel saying she was sent to help Georgina find love, her aunt’s broody neighbor or his equally annoying cat.

Charles Stockton is only staying with his sister and her new husband until his body and mind heals. Any person who sees him would run at the first sight of his scarred body, and Charles wouldn’t blame them. .He has no intention of becoming a permanent resident of Creede. Then he meets the woman who lives behind them, and maybe Creede doesn’t look so bad after all. If he could only convince her that he doesn’t have a cat!

When Georgina discovers his secret will she stay or run? Will Charles’ broken body keep him away from the one thing he desires more than anything? Will Mrs. Pennyworth be able to help them both and does she have assistance this time?

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