She was on her way to California to see her sister when fiercely independent Caroline Jones was taken from the train station in Creede, Colorado and forced into a life of ill repute. Her employer/captor’s death has given Caroline unexpected access to the type of freedom she’s longed for her entire life – but all that changes when she meets Paddy McGlynn and what she wants starts to look a lot different.

Paddy McGlynn, has built Creede’s very first Irish pub only he didn’t think things through properly. He’s found himself with an empty kitchen and thugs kicking down his door. But Creede has a way of taking care of its own. A local townswoman has just the pub cook Paddy needs and brings Caroline Jones from the newly formed Celeste’s House into his kitchen and his heart.

But are the unseen forces in Creede strong enough to bring Caroline and Paddy together despite all the obstacles they face?

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