A woman on the run with her father.

A man who thinks love and marriage aren’t for him.

The angel who is about to heal them both.

Cassie Stockton’s world came crashing down when her father is accused of theft from the factory where he works. To make restitution, the owner of the factory is willing to take Cassie as his bride to release the debt. Cassie and her father go on the run, not sure where they will end up. A chance meeting from a peculiar Mrs. Pennyworth, guides them to the town of Creede, Colorado, where Cassie meets Maximillian Blue.

Max Blue knows all too the well the garment factories in New York. In fact, that is part of the reason he moved to Creede to start his haberdashery. When a beautiful woman shows up at his shop asking for work, he realizes there is more to this chance encounter. But Max has a secret. One that could land him in the asylum.

Can Cassie help Max cope with his condition and teach him that it isn’t an obstacle to love?  Can Max help Cassie learn to trust him with her secrets?  What happens when the past and future collide? Will Mrs. Pennyworth be able to help them both?

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