The fiercely independent Kara Dobbs lives a privileged life in the heart of New York City, but that privilege comes with a price. When tragedy strikes, she takes her sister and they flee New York. They go west to hide as far from their pasts as possible. When Kara steps off the train in Creede, Colorado, not only does she notice the beauty of the land and all of the construction in town, but she’s also quickly introduced to the seedy underbelly of their new home. Lucky for Kara, there’s another newcomer in town and he rides a white horse.

Aedan Casey has always seen himself as a lone wolf, traveling from town to town putting his carpentry skills to the test. But when an old friend asks for help, he finds himself in an up-and-coming Colorado town with two faces. Creede is rebuilding and becoming a family friendly place in the mountains, but when the sun goes down, the night speaks for itself. Aedan has never seen himself settling down, and certainly never in a place like Creede, but then a single touch changes his path.

But is attraction enough? Can a place like Creede, even with the help of angels, bring together two independent hearts?

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