A mistreated woman with hopes of a new life.

A good-natured cowboy who can’t seem to get a wife.

Sometimes things come in unexpected ways … with a little help.

Baxter Hicks has finally saved up enough money to send off for a mail-order bride. Imagine his angst when he’s beaten and robbed of not only his money, but his horse as well! Left trussed up in an unfamiliar cabin, is he fated to die in the cold and dark?

Maja Van Dyne has been abused and unloved by her father for far too long. But how can she escape him? Lucky for her she receives a little intervention from on high in the form of a bedraggled angel named Myrtle. 

Can two people who have nothing find something between them like love? Find out in this sweet, clean and wholesome romance only Kit Morgan can deliver!

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