Lydia Pullman has done everything she can to put the past behind her, but as one of the women kidnapped and held prisoner in a Colorado cellar by a gang of ruthless men, she now struggles with anxiety and fear of the dark. More than anything, she wants to be back on her way to San Francisco, where she was headed where she was abducted, to fulfill her dreams of becoming a playwright, but she’s been stuck in Creede, trying to earn enough money to replace what was taken from her and buy a train ticket.

Bradley Murdoch is a successful businessman who has created an entire life for himself in Ames, Iowa, but he has never forgotten the beautiful girl who boarded a train and left him standing on the platform. As time has gone by, he’s realized that life means little without her – but she chose to leave, and he can’t make her want to stay.

With the help of an angel, perhaps these two will realize that life is meant to be lived, and that even in the darkness, they can always turn their faces toward the light.

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