Hannah Coppersmith came to Creede in answer to an ad as a nurse to the local doctor only to find there was no doctor. She’d been tricked and locked up by a man who was taking women to work as calico queens at a saloon. Now freed, she helps as she can those hurt or sick in Creede and the surrounding areas as well as delivering babes as a midwife. Until an angel sends her to a dying Marshal Wheeler, the man she secretly has loved forever.
Marshal Wheeler left New York to escape the loss of his one true love to another man. After working with the famous Marshal Nathan Ryder for several years, he’s taken a post in Topaz Colorado with the sole mission of finding out the truth about corrupt sheriff Ketchem and Archie Grady’s illegal activities. Shot in the back and left for dead, he’s found by Hannah Coppersmith who nurses him back to health. Leading to a must marry situation.
When a new threat from their past could lead to her death, Henry has to decide if he wants this marriage to be real or if catching a killer is more important than Hannah’s life. Will Hannah’s cantankerous rooster, Bob, allow Henry close enough to prove his love? She’s healed his body, could she be key to healing his heart and soul too?

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