Rachel Denton has spent most of her life moving from town to town while caring for her single father. They’ve been welcomed to Creede, Colorado with a string of bad luck that has her wanting to move on quickly, until an accident puts her in the path of someone that sees her potential and changes her life. With the help of new friends, Rachel puts her caring nature to use, working at the clinic with Doctor JT. Rachel suddenly finds herself wanting to put down roots when an unlikely patient makes her see herself and Creede differently.

Freddie “Dutch” Holan was sent to Creede, to return the Dobbs sisters to the Whyos in New York City, but instead found that you don’t always have to follow the same path. Torn between the life he’s always known and the life he wants, Dutch finds he can no longer walk the line. He must choose a side. Lucky for him, there’s a new nurse in Creede, one that is currently trying to forge her own way.

Everyone knows that strange things happen in Creede. So would it be so odd for two strangers looking for direction to find that their paths merge, maybe with a little heavenly help?

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