When Toria Miller realized her only option to get away from her over-amorous employer was to escape from Beckham, Massachusetts, her first thought was to become a mail order bride. After talking to her niece, the matchmaker for the only agency in town, she chose a letter and embarked on a journey that would take her all the way to Creede, Colorado. When Toria arrived, she was excited to start her new life with her husband, the owner of the mercantile.
Mortimer Jackson was blessed with the perfect wife. Now that he’s a widower, he’s convinced he needs someone just like his first wife. He runs a mercantile in Creede, Colorado, and though his new bride doesn’t look like he expected, he hopes she’ll be just like his Grace. It doesn’t take him long to realize his new bride is nothing like the first. How will he be able to accept anything less than the perfection he had the first time? Is their marriage doomed from the very beginning?

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