Caleb Baker, traveling photographer, is tired of being on the road and longs for a place to settle down and call home. He decides on Creede, Colorado, after hearing that the town is growing and could offer him a living, and he believes he’ll be happy there.

Ivy Ross, waitress at the Iron Skillet restaurant, has never seen herself as being anything special, and certainly no one worth noticing. But when the new photographer in town sees her with different eyes, she begins to wonder if perhaps there is something more to herself, something important and valuable.

Counterfeit money is still being circulated in town, and the Iron Skillet restaurant is suffering for it. Caleb brings his unique knowledge into play to help capture the criminals responsible, not realizing to what extent he might become involved – and how that might damage his new relationship with a certain beautiful waitress.

Into the mix comes Mr. Waverly, a guardian angel with a job to do – and the wisdom to do it. Heavenly help is never far off in the town of Creede.

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