Reverend Callum Bing never considered marriage while his sister lived with him. His life was full: caring for his congregation and taking care of Millie. But now that Millie’s married, he wonders if he could court a woman and have a family of his own. When a very unique messenger from God tells him that God has chosen a wife for him, Callum is shocked by God’s choice.

Celeste Devine has no desire to be Creede’s most well known soiled dove, but fifteen years ago all other choices were taken from her. These choices led her to Creede and the Nugget Saloon. When her guardian angel appears following Millie’s wedding and tells her that a groom will meet her at Hannah Wheeler’s the next day, she jumps on the chance at a new life and love. However, when her groom shows up she wonders if God really cares for her or hates her.

Can Creede’s best-loved preacher and its most well known saloon girl really be a match made in heaven? Will Celeste and Callum find love or are they destined for a loveless marriage of convenience? Will Archie make them both pay for defying him? Finally, can two angels and a calico queen ever be able to see a love match by Persuading the Preacher?

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