He wants someone to share his heart. She wants someone to share her life. Do they have a chance of finding love together when they’ve only known each other as friends?

Judge Ernest Milton is a tough man. As a circuit judge in the new state of Colorado, he travels through the mining country, dispensing justice with little time for personal commitments before moving on to the next town and case. Just as he recognizes his love for Katie, he stands to lose her to another man.

Katie “Long Shot” Dickson, an independent woman, lost her husband long ago. She’s spent thirty years making their dream come true. When a man with whom she corresponds proposes marriage, Katie’s heart tugs her toward the offer. However, tender feelings toward Judge Milton have recently emerged, and she’s torn with her decision. Should she decline the proposal and take a chance on the judge, possibly losing both?

Will Ernest and Katie seize the spark between them to move friendship to marriage?

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