Marta Campbell has always been the girl no one wanted. Left on the steps of an orphanage at birth. Never adopted. Never chosen by a beau. Never asked to marry. She’d resigned herself to the life of a nanny for other people. Never wanted, never loved, only occasionally needed. Then on the way to San Francisco to take a new nanny position, she is kidnapped. Now freed, she isn’t even wanted as the nanny. So when an angel tells her to go to the mercantile in Creede and accept the first proposal she receives, she has nothing to lose.

Royce Clark is still mourning the loss of his wife after two months. He has a ranch to run and five small children to care for. He knows he’s quickly losing complete control. In a moment of anger, he challenges Marta to marry him and do better caring for his children. Imagine his surprise when she accepts his proposal and insists they marry that very day.

Can this couple find love amid a marriage entered into for the sake of five small children? Will Royce’s love for his deceased wife keep them apart for a lifetime? Will Marta live the rest of her life unloved and only wanted for her childcare and housekeeping skills. Will a threat against the ranch end in the death of yet another Clark?

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