Nils Jorgenson has lived his entire life in Cottonwood, Iowa but after the recent death of first his wife and then his father he needs a fresh start. With his rambunctious four-year-old-daughter in hand, he answers a call for a furniture maker in Creede, Colorado.
Having married once for duty he vows to only marry for love this time around, even if Nellie needs a mother. On the day of their arrival in Creede, circumstances and Nellie’s invisible friend, Mina, lead Nils to saving the life of the lovely Norwegian Bridgette. But when Nellie declares that Bridgette will be her new mother, Nils becomes resistant.
Bridgette Englestad has been living at Celeste’s House learning to read and write English since her recovery from captivity the night Archie Grady died. While she plans to make the most of this new opportunity she longs to be reunited with her parents. More than that she longs to meet the Viking Warrior that can claim her Nordic heart. Could Nils be that warrior? It seems like someone thinks so as his daughter declares Bridgette will be her new mother. But when another demands her hand a contest is struck. The prize: Bridgette herself.
Can Nils truly be the warrior of her heart? Can Bridgette and Nils overcome impossible odds to win the contest and become husband and wife? Bridgette doesn’t know. All she knows for sure is she’s Sweet on the Swede.

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