Adelle Cordovia has gone from the frying pan into the fire. Hiring a gambler to escort her in secret from Denver, where her parents expect her to marry a man thirty years older than her, she ends up owing the gambler seventy-five dollars she doesn’t have. Now she’s indebted to the man who plans to collect his due from her body. Can she find a hero in Creede to help her, or is she destined to a life of being a soiled dove? 

Gavin Knight is a bronc buster who has never met a horse he can’t break. In challenge to a bet, he comes to Creede to break an unbreakable horse. If he wins the bet he’ll be a thousand dollars richer with a quality horse and a new job. When he sees a young woman tied to a gambler, he can’t help but step in. He’ll wager all his earnings on a single hand of cards. If he wins, he will have to marry the woman to keep her safe. If he loses, all his hard work and dreams of his own spread will be gone. What’s a Cowboy Knight to do? 

Can Gavin and Adelle make a life together or are the odds too stacked against them? Can Adelle trust that a man who won her in a card game has her best interests at heart? Can Gavin prove to his wife that he truly wants to love and protect her? Just what will it take for both of them to realize he’s Winning His Wife?

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