From the outside Genevieve McCarthy lives a charmed life but not everything is as it seems. Few see the extra makeup on her face and the dimming of the light in her eyes as cause for concern, including her fiancé Anthony Ricci. Thankfully, her best friend Nessa has returned from Creede, Co. to help her get back on her feet. Getting closer to Oscar is an added benefit that has Gen smiling again, but he’s the most eligible bachelor in New York. What would he want with Gen?

Oscar Straus is smooth and calculated. He’s an incredible businessman and a toxic bachelor. He loves all women, the more the merrier. Until a chance meeting in Central Park turns his world upside down. Oscar finds himself way out of his comfort zone, making snap decisions that could lead him to love but also peril. 

Will Genevieve be able to find the confidence to trust again? Or will she lose the ability to smile forever?

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