Dorthy James is convinced she is bad luck, a Jonah, a pariah. When she’s around disasters happen to her, to others, all around her. Things break, people get hurt and there’s nothing she can do about it. The safest place for her is in her classroom at The Wigg School and Foundling Home or in the garden. Those two places are the only places nothing bad happens. 

But now even those safe places have been taken from her. The only mother she ever knew as an orphan is sick and maybe dying. The school is closing and Madame Wigg insists she and all the other teachers become mail-order brides out west. 
How is she going to survive when her husband-to-be finds out she is a walking magnet for trouble? Case in point: an accident, and a groom in prison. 

A new groom and several disasters later, can Dorthy learn to live a new way? Will she learn that love is possible for her or will she end up alone and hiding from Dorthy’s Disasters?


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