Uma is a spitfire who is usually in an uproar about something—whether it’s women’s rights, or the Morgan dollar, or labor laws for children. But when she discovers the reason for her abandonment at the orphanage doorsteps was to save her infant self from the same demise as her murdered mother, she finds a new calling. Avenge her mother’s death, even if the only way she can pay for passage to Northern California is to become a mail-order bride.

Jack MacKissick has his hands full with his feisty mail-order bride, and is honor-bound to protect her. But he’s determined to keep an emotional distance from her because of a secret he has promised to leave buried. However, hell is paved with good intentions; despite all, he discovers himself falling in love with Uma’s daunting spirit as time and again she gets into trouble by unearthing town secrets. And Jack is desperate to hide the one truth that could tear them apart. 

Now he must save the feisty woman from an unknown killer who is bent on tearing them apart. Or is it Uma who ultimately must save him with her fiery will?

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