Wendalynn Wigg will tackle any problem head-on so when she’s offered her chance at a school of her own, becoming a mail-order bride should be no obstacle at all. Setting her heart on a life dedicated to instilling a lifelong love of learning in needy children she sets out for Nebraska where a lonely preacher is in need of a wife.

Ambrose Bennet is looking for a wife who can solve all of his problems in one fell swoop. Sending for a wife who is also a teacher will not only give him more time to spend preparing the messages his parish should hear, it will remove him from a classroom of rowdy boys determined to be like their hero Buffalo Bill Cody. More importantly, it will save him from the nefarious machinations of the matchmaking mothers of the tiny town of Hope Nebraska.

Will preconceived ideas, expectations, and a conniving young woman destroy any chance of a happily ever after for the new teacher and her dashing preacher or will any icy dousing bring them together in a most unexpected way?

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