Zara Wigg is a dreamer. So, when she’s offered the chance to build her own school and become a mail-order bride, she agrees to all conditions—including the one about taking a husband. But when she arrives in Promise Creek and discovers the man she’s fallen in love with through letters isn’t her intended, those dreams collapse.

Thaddeus Gray has one goal: to strike it rich. His sole focus has been on his gold mine, but after writing letters to someone else’s bride, life takes a turn. The woman he wrote to is the only one he’s ever seen a future with, but any relationship with her is impossible. When her engagement dissolves and she’s left in a precarious position, he steps in to help her, regardless of the personal cost.

As word gets out of her need for a husband in the woman-hungry town, chaos erupts. Thaddeus is thrown into the position of protector and matchmaker, but as her deadline to marry approaches, he must decide which is more important…love or gold.

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